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T-Master SA

About us

T-Master is more than a technology company - it is a manifestation of our deep passion for innovation and concern for the future of our environment. Our story begins in Poland, where we were born out of the determination to change standards in waste management.

Our mission

Since the beginning of our activity in 2017, our team of engineers has focused on developing comprehensive technological solutions that not only meet legal requirements, but also support residents of multi-family housing estates in effective waste segregation. Our goal is to create a comprehensive ecosystem that will make it easier for everyone - from residents to entrepreneurs to city authorities - to make informed decisions regarding waste management.

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Robert Szczepankowski



Agnieszka Rychlicka

V-ce CEO


Jakub Sprusiński

Product and Sales Development


Marcin Rogiński

Foreign Sales


Łukasz Chocholski

Customer Care


Anita Kwasiborska


Our philosophy

As T-Master, we define problems and offer specific solutions. Our main motto is "less waste" - a simple but strong appeal to all entities to reduce the amount of waste generated through conscious actions at various levels of the community. We believe that every small change in the way we think and act can contribute to a larger transformation towards a sustainable future.

A fair way to pay for waste is to pay for yourself.